Our On-Demand Services

Get our Prime copywriting services on demand whenever you need them.

All we ask is you know your brand voice, audience, and goals. We’ll sort the rest.

Not as cheap as Chat GPT.

Cheaper than the cost of your reputation and profits due to painfully generic, often plagarised and emotionless content.

(We said what we said)

If you don’t know your brand voice, audience or goals, scooch to our Brand Scripts.

We’ll create your brand story strategy so that you become a box office hit. One that your competitors will weep about.

Brand Script Strategies

Brand storytelling strategies that deserve a standing ovation.

Brand Voice Script

£ 2450 + VAT

From a seedling of an idea to full production, your Brand Voice Script digs into your unique brand voice, values, personas, story, and community dialogue.

Personal Brand Growth Script

£ 3350 + VAT

Combined with the Brand Voice Script, your Brand Growth Script includes 6-10 pages of website copy and a 3-month content strategy complete with ideas.

Brand Builder Script


£ 4250 + VAT

A full-scale production, combined with the Brand Voice Script, we’ll develop your brand’s visual identity, including logos and social media assets, so your brand is red carpet ready!

I am grateful to Richard Edge for recommending you to help me find and develop the brand for my new business.
When we had our first teams meeting I was a mass of ideas with no real understanding as to what my USP was going to be.
I only knew for sure, it was going to be extraordinary!
We had an in-depth and fun discussion and you pulled all the ideas out and created an amazing brand script.
When I read it I was blown away by your writing talent and the way in which you made sense of my ideas and told a story which highlighted my extraordinary USP.

Emerald Resilience Client

Copywriting + Content

Email Marketing

Series of 6 emails from

£ 950 + VAT

You’ve Got Mail your way into your audience’s hearts with a dreamy email marketing sequence. Personalise and segment to show them you give a hoot!


Starting from

£ 195 + VAT

Be The Daily Bugle of their notifications and inbox with a newsletter worth reading.
A newsletter shines a spotlight on your dedicated community to offer them a VIP experience.

Lead Magnets

Starting from

£ 450 + VAT

Let them be the lead characters in your story, and give them the action they’ve been waiting for.
Lead magnets hook your audience via your mailing list, creating an extra sprinkle of trust and sincerity from your brand.

Website Copy


£ 495 + VAT / page

Make sure your audience isn’t Clueless about what you do. Speak to their problems and sell their transformation. Cue the makeover montage!

A Bunch’o Social Posts

Starting from

£ 250 + VAT
  • TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and beyond - don’t be another eye-rolling ad. You choose The Social Network. We’ll craft the content to stop the scroll and ignite the action.

Blogging Good Bundle

Starting from

£ 245 + VAT
  • Outshine Carrie Bradshaw with a bundle of 3 or more SEO-rich, binge-worthy blogs:
  • 10% discount on 10+ blogs!

Quite satisfied with the quality, thoughtfulness, energy and original spin Demi/Sonderscript puts into their content. I’ve worked with them directly for over a year to write over 100 blogs for our site and I am always pleasantly surprised with their take on our subject and each blog is a treat to read. She captured our tone from day one! We sell jewelry and it’s quite complicated to know everything there is to know about the 1000’s of gemstones and jewelry products we carry. I can tell that Demi thoroughly does her research and thinks about how she will tackle the subject at hand before she puts her pen to paper. Demi gets it pretty much every time and when there is a rare case of revising a section of the blog, she nails it on the first revision! Top-notch all around with on-time delivery AND a pleasure to work with!

Ben Garelick Client

Bespoke Showcase Projects POA

A keynote, a TedTalk, a brand launch, something worth shouting about?

Give us a shout, and we’ll get planning your Oscar-winning moment!


    Mega Dopamine, Binge-Worthy Brand Storytelling

    Retained Subscription Services

    Business owners & entrepreneurs – listen up!

    The average marketing employee costs US businesses $70,000 annually.

    Decent copywriters cost U.K. businesses around £30,000 annually.

    A 3-5-person marketing team could cost your business £45k+ MONTHLY.

    Wooosh, if you have that dosh to spare in THIS economy, congrats!

    But if you’re looking to reel in the pennies and dimes – Sonder’s got you.

    Our retained marketing subscriptions give you freedom:

    Scale your business growth, increase brand awareness & get direction that works.

    Minimum 3-month contract

    10% off a 6-month commitment

    15% off a 12-month commitment

    The Social Series

    Our Social Series is driven by omnichannel marketing strategies to enable you to show up where your audience is watching. Creative is 80% of your social media efforts, and we’ll creatively direct your socials.

    Brand Awareness


    £ 550 + VAT / month
    • Content Ideation
    • Content Creation
    • Creative Only
    • (Per platform)

    Brand Growth


    £ 1200 + VAT / month
    • In-depth research
    • Content Creation
    • Engagement
    • Scheduling
    • (Per platform)

    It is a rare thing for me to feel comfortable enough to trust a professional with my network, but I know with certainty that when Demi interacts with them that their own professional journey will go from strength to strength because of her input! If you need some creative support or someone to help you unblock a creative process that involves words - book a call with Demi. You won't regret it.

    Richard Client

    The LinkedIn Show

    Build your personal brand & become a star voice on the number 1 business networking platform.

    LinkedIn Ghostwriting (spooky!)


    £ 1050 + VAT / month
    • Ghostwriting
    • Scheduling
    • Reporting

    LinkedIn Optimisation


    £ 1200 + VAT
    • 1 x Headline
    • 5 x Kick-Off Posts
    • 3 x Shiny New Carousels
    • 1 x Showstopping Banner
    • 1 x Oscar-Winning LinkedIn Bio

    Demi is an ELITE Copywriter and is so SO easy to work with.
    1. Her copywriting is elite
    2. She is quick to reply and meet deadlines
    3. She's incredibly knowledgeable about multiple industries.
    Basically it's pretty clear you should hire Demi for your copywriting needs. You won't be disappointed.

    Luke Client

    The Box Office

    Pick n’ mix from all your favourite treats above.

    Let your brand soar with a creative team of producers as your wingfolk.

    Save money and access the experts you need:



    £ 1450 + VAT / month
    • 1 x Account Manager
    • 1 x Pro Copywriter
    • 5 Hours Per Week



    £ 2795 + VAT / month
    • 1 x Account Manager
    • 1 x Brand Story Consultant
    • 2 x Pro Copywriters
    • 1 x Content Creator
    • 10 Hours Per Week



    £ 3945 + VAT / month
    • 1 x Account Manager
    • 1 x Brand Story Strategist
    • 1 x Marketing Strategist
    • 3 x Pro Copywriters
    • 1 x Content Creator
    • 1 x Web Designer
    • 15 Hours Per Week

    *Additional scalable hours are available in bundles of 4 from £195 + VAT

    Our AI Policy

    Research & Ideation:
    We may use AI to analyse TONNES of data in minutes & keep our brains braining, even when they’re not braining.

    Productivity & Drafting:
    We may use it to summarise information & efficiently speed up production & drafting.

    User Accessibility:
    We may use AI for call transcription, note taking & support to help your business processes.

    Customer Support:
    We may use AI for automation & fast responses to your queries when our humans are recharging.


    Word for Word Content Creation:
    We only use AI to boost the already buzzing creative ideation process. We start with our ideas and get hella creative with what AI produces. 

    To Replace Human Creativity:
    We only use AI to amplify human creativity. It’s a tool & nothing more. We believe in never letting AI dumb creativity down.

    Decision Making:
    Our team of creatives are the true brains behind our agency. Their expertise, knowledge, skills and experience are what ultimately drive the direction of our work. We don’t use AI to produce generic plans for you to ensure you’re able to get the truest, most human-est version of working with us, in a partnership with our minds and not our ability to write prompts.


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