Hi, I'm Demi

Here are 5 things my clients often struggle with:

A brief encounter with my answers:

You didn't think I'd give EVERYTHING away for free...

did you!?

I'm a badass creative who is
sh*t hot at what she does.

I’m the wingwoman to entrepreneurs.
Helped build brands from scratch.
I work with Silicon Valley elites.
You’ve ALL read my words.
But hey, it’s what I do.

I also show AI who’s boss.

Either get with tech or get eaten by it.

(or something someone harped on LinkedIn)

Work with me to:

Ignite your brand/personal brand.

Wake up your snooze-fest copy.

Resuscitate your dead-inside AI content.

Script the narrative for your creative projects.

Scroll to see how we can work together. ↓

The Dem Draper Edit

Looking for those Madison Avenue vibes?

Don Draper, step aside.

There's a new Draper* in town!

Clients call me an ideas machine.
My brain is always on the go.
Thankfully, my ideas aren’t robotic cr*p.
Chat GPT, you’re still a fab lil’ assistant.
I will immerse myself in your brand, team & vision.

Bring your ideas to life, from sizzle to box office

Perfect for:

I'll jump directly into your business action and as part of your team.

We can grab matching sunglasses and swing those shoulders as we prepare to disrupt the market**!

Hourly rate: from £85/hr

Retain me:

Price on request

*Minus the misogyny + day drinking
**Matching sunnies not included

Script Lab

Stuck for ideas?
Need a sounding board?
Trying to define your audience?
Not sure how to put your vision into words?

Well, lucky you - The Sonder Script Lab is now open:

A 1:1 session for us to jam on ideas, get creative juices flowing and unlock motivation.

Perfect for brands, entrepreneurs, freelancers and writers dying to learn the power of storytelling.


Extraordinary brand storytelling casts your audience as the hero and you/your brand as their mentor.

You’re the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker.

The M to their James Bond.

The Chandler to their Joey.

In a 90-minute session, you'll get:

Creativity is just connecting things

Steve Jobs*


Don't Let Your Competitors Get There First.

The doctor will see you now..

“Alexa, play Eye of the Tiger!”


* The lad knew a thing or two about connecting with his audience.
If you’re still on the fence about the power of storytelling, check Apple’s current valuation.

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